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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
94 Haketilo Feature In Progress Normal Add support for extension auto-updating 09/28/2021 06:48 AM Actions
93 Haketilo Feature New Low Elaborate on ethics in the documentation 09/12/2021 11:20 AM Actions
73 Haketilo Feature New Normal Implement a permissions system 10/02/2021 04:12 AM Actions
64 Haketilo Feature Closed Normal Plan the update system 07/31/2021 03:11 AM Actions
54 Haketilo Bug Closed Urgent Remote-storage port(s) are disconnected while still in use koszko 07/20/2021 11:25 AM Actions
53 Haketilo Bug Closed Normal Interference with existing CSP headers 08/15/2021 09:08 AM Actions
52 Haketilo Bug Closed Normal Headers not updated on cached requests 07/17/2021 09:02 AM Actions
51 Haketilo Feature New Normal Support internationalization 08/31/2021 11:24 PM Actions
50 Haketilo Feature Closed Urgent Standardize repository APIs/data formats 07/23/2021 11:57 AM Actions
45 Haketilo Feature New Low Add a universal wildcard for URLs 11/27/2021 10:37 AM Actions
44 Haketilo Feature Closed Normal Load in default settings using the build system jahoti 11/27/2021 01:20 PM Actions
43 Haketilo Feature Rejected Low Replace common/sha256.js with crypto.subtle jahoti 07/14/2021 11:47 AM Actions
42 Haketilo Bug Rejected High Nonce not set on injected scripts 07/05/2021 12:26 AM Actions

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