From 10/29/2021 to 11/27/2021


01:53 PM Feature #22: supplement the build script with a makefile, also produce zipped artifacts
koszko wrote:
> ### EDIT2
> For now I just merged `build-sys`. I'll also merge the `` -> `` + `lib_...
01:52 PM Feature #97 (In Progress): Make tests system parametrizable through configure script
We should be able to pass at least the following to the `configure` script:
* name of `pytest` executable
* name of...
01:51 PM Feature #66: Write tests
`unshare` doesn't seem to work when in chroot and I currently run tests agains a browser I have installed inside a ch... koszko
01:20 PM Feature #44 (Closed): Load in default settings using the build system
01:15 PM Revision 5b2a7a61 (hachette): add Selenium- and Python-based test system
10:45 AM Feature #69: Facilitate bundling HTML/XML/JSON and other data with a fix
To facilitate bypassing CORS we'd like to implement something like GreaseMonkey's GM_xmlhttpRequest (mentioned [here]... koszko
10:37 AM Feature #45: Add a universal wildcard for URLs
This is paradoxally a complex issue. We currently have different ways of handling pages that are to
1. have their ow...


09:38 AM Feature #66 (In Progress): Write tests
jahoti wrote:
> > Have you considered using UML (no, not that diagraming language, I mean User Mode Linux) to run te...


06:32 PM Feature #92: Replace cookie smuggling with some safer approach
The commit that removes smuggling via cookies and employs synchronous XHR for the job is now on the `koszko` branch. ... koszko
06:29 PM Revision 96068ada (hachette): replace cookies with synchronous XmlHttpRequest as policy smuggling method.
Note: this breaks Mozilla port of Haketilo. Synchronous XmlHttpRequest doesn't work as well there. This will be fixed... koszko


07:07 PM Feature #92: Replace cookie smuggling with some safer approach
You know what? I'd leave the fingerprinting issue for now. The vunlerability doesn't exist in Mozilla browsers and ca... koszko
06:08 PM Feature #92 (In Progress): Replace cookie smuggling with some safer approach
jahoti wrote:
> > I did, however, hope there could be some simpler solution. When I tried it seemed that some fields...


02:00 AM Revision 263d03d5 (hachette): Fix license notices on JS and SH files
Other files have been left, as no model notice is available jahoti

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