# Date Author Comment
c8fa3926 12/04/2021 07:36 PM koszko

merge alicense removal to koszko

1ca1357d 12/04/2021 07:34 PM koszko

remove alicense

e1282a63 12/04/2021 07:31 PM koszko

finish implementing more efficient querying of URL patterns

The algorithm is implemented and tested. However, it is yet to be hooked into the actual extension.

44bb618a 12/03/2021 09:10 PM koszko

merge master (license notices) and koszko (v1.0 development)

256c046b 12/03/2021 08:59 PM koszko

add COPYING file

5c583de8 12/03/2021 08:49 PM koszko

start implementing more efficient querying of URL patterns

201fcfad 12/03/2021 01:00 AM jahoti

Support tests outside the source directory

Explicitly use certs in the build directory, and tests in the source

c39c6b9e 12/03/2021 01:00 AM jahoti

Distinguish testing and installation browsers

The configure script now accepts BROWSER and TEST_BROWSER

7d1f777a 12/03/2021 01:00 AM jahoti

Correct types in test/misc_constants.

Load variable overrides with correct types

215ca720 12/03/2021 01:00 AM jahoti

Clean up Makefile test targets

Mark off the "tests" section and warn about build dir inflexibility

3fcff338 12/03/2021 01:00 AM jahoti

Make testing configurable

Add options to configure in accordance with #97

d16e763e 12/03/2021 01:00 AM jahoti

Merge branch 'koszko' into jahoti

5a002642 12/02/2021 01:00 AM jahoti

Allow testing behavior to be customized

to configure.

6d819aae 12/02/2021 01:00 AM jahoti

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/koszko' into build-sys

93dd7360 12/01/2021 09:06 PM koszko

improve unit testing approach

Unit tests were moved to their own subdirectory.
Fixtures common to many unit tests were moved to test/unit/
A facility to execute scripts in page's global scope was added.
A workaround was employed to present information about errors in injected scripts....

463e6830 12/01/2021 02:03 PM koszko

facilitate testing javascript functions

Haketilo's .js files can now be loaded together with their dependencies and
executed on a page opened in a selenium-driven Firefox instance.

69e53743 11/30/2021 07:33 PM koszko

implement more efficient querying of URL patterns

6106c789 11/30/2021 07:32 PM koszko

rewrite parts of build script in awk

5b2a7a61 11/27/2021 01:15 PM koszko

add Selenium- and Python-based test system

96068ada 11/20/2021 06:29 PM koszko

replace cookies with synchronous XmlHttpRequest as policy smuggling method.

Note: this breaks Mozilla port of Haketilo. Synchronous XmlHttpRequest doesn't work as well there. This will be fixed with dynamically-registered content scripts later.

263d03d5 10/30/2021 02:00 AM jahoti

Fix license notices on JS and SH files

Other files have been left, as no model notice is available

bd767301 10/14/2021 01:29 PM koszko

merge build system

f318575f 10/14/2021 02:00 AM jahoti

Add target and install directory auto-detection

It's simplistic, yet (hopefully) good enough.

fa5a0e79 10/14/2021 02:00 AM jahoti

Add (basic) install support

The extension can be installed if DESTDIR is supplied

ef5ae649 10/14/2021 02:00 AM jahoti

Adjust makefile targets

Rename some files used in building and remove redundant aliases

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