Installation instructions ((Ungoogled) Chromium)

Here we'll describe how to install Haketilo as an Unpacked Extension. Chromium extensions are most often installed from Chrome Web Store, but for the sake of privacy and freedom, you should not use it!

Although installation as Unpacked Extension is meant mainly for developers during testing, it is also simple enough for casual users. We also have plans to start distributing Haketilo as a .crx file, so you can come back here from time to time and see if this is already an option.

Note: If you want, you can also follow this third-party guide to generate a .crx file yourself and install from it.

Browser compatibility

Haketilo is currently compatible with recent versions of Chromium. It has been tested with Ungoogled Chromium 90.0, and is expected to also work with slightly newer and older versions. Although Haketilo should also run fine under the standard, non-Ungoogled Chromium and Google Chrome, these browsers are malware unrecommended due to serious privacy and freedom violations.


First, download the extension's .zip file from the Releases. After downloading, extract zip file's contents to some directory. Here we use /tmp/. Then, go to the chrome://extensions URL. In the extensions management page that shows up, you need to enable developer mode using toggle in the top right of the page. Once you do so, you should see a "Load unpacked" button. Click it.

chrome extensions page

Navigate to the extracted directory and choose it.

navigating to the extension directory

Your browser has just installed Haketilo. You can now delete the extracted directory and disable developer mode. If you want Haketilo's icon to be permanently visible in the top right corner of your browser window, click on the extensions icon, and then, on Haketilo's pin icon as shown below.

pinning extension icon

That's it. You can now play a bit with the extension and learn how it works. Also, make sure you realize its limitations.

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