Feature #10

show iframes settings in popup

Added by koszko about 1 year ago. Updated 8 days ago.

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In popup make it possible to view both main frame page's settings and settings for pages that currently happen to live in iframes.



Updated by koszko about 1 year ago

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Updated by jacobk 11 days ago

Not sure if it's intentional or a bug, but Haketilo seems to just choose a frame randomly when deciding what to show in the popup.


Updated by koszko 11 days ago

That'd be a bug :( Do you have some steps to reproduce?


Updated by jacobk 8 days ago

To reproduce:

With pretty much any version of the GitHub registration fix, go to while not signed in, and click on the extension icon. Some of the time, you will see, but sometimes you'll see an iframe URL (from or instead.

Go to without a fix loaded (or with the cookie notice fix installed), possibly also has to be while not signed in, and click on the extension icon. Sometimes you'll see the stackoverflow signup URL, but sometimes you'll see a recaptcha URL.


Updated by koszko 8 days ago

Thank you.

I just fixed it. I hope it will work under Ungoogled Chromium as well (I am temporarily unable to test with that browser)

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