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I haven't had as much free time as I would like, so I haven't worked on the Box script much (and I no longer have access to the folders). But I have come across various sites that are missing some functionality without running JavaScript, and in many cases fixing the site with free JavaScript is nearly trivial or very easy, so I have several scripts to submit, including partial fixes for Anbox (viewing the FAQ), Ars Technica (reading comments), Grammarly (dismissing the ad and viewing images (uh, including tracking pixels)), Gyfcat (controlling videos), and more. Many of the scripts are only a few lines. What would be the recommended way to submit these scripts? Should I attach each one to a separate issue (~12 of them), or would it be better if I bundled everything together somehow and submitted it here?



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Sorry again for the delay 😅 (just modified my email notification settings in Redmine, so I should be more responsive from now on 😉).

Sure, you can submit them in a single issue. You can also put them in some vcs and just post here a link if that's comfortable for you.

In the end, I will make them all into Hydrilla source packages in REUSE-compliant repositories like here or here (except I will switch to using separate repositories for distinct packages). You could produce such Hydrilla source packages by yourself to make it easier for me but this is by no means necessary

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