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Dr. McDougall (site for recipes)

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This site seems to work mostly fine if noscript elements are not rendered, so it can be fixed to some extent with a blank payload.

For example shows images but a big banner covers the whole screen making the site unusable. The banner and images seem to be part of noscript elements, so simply using an empty payload to disable noscript element rendering makes the banner go away, but it also breaks the images.

When loading the site with noscript elements rendered, document.querySelector("div.floating-action-button-container").remove(); can be used in the developer console to remove the banner, and then the images will still be there.

I'm not sure what the best way to handle a site like this is (where we don't really need code but just an empty payload, more like a configuration change really, or where it would be useful to have most noscript tags rendered but one removed), but I've uploaded a fix with a blank payload here:



Updated by koszko 11 days ago


I'd say empty payloads are OK. Well, not in this particular case because I just wrote and uploaded an improved fix that makes the images show up properly ^^ But in general I'd actually consider empty payloads neater that having an additional configuration option that's only useful on rare occasions


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Updated by jacobk 8 days ago

I was thinking of a configuration change to render noscript tags while still using a payload, so you could then use a script to remove the one problematic tag. But this works too.

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