Feature #55

Updated by koszko over 1 year ago

We need to document current workings, as well as planned future mechanisms of Hydrilla. The best place for this is going to be the Wiki here.

Things that need documenting and come to my mind:
- ~~codebase description, what does what and how do things interact~~ - docstrings currently present in the new Hydrilla sources should suffice
- ~~data format description - how site resources are stored in the filesystem (the other side - data format for network communication - is already being worked on[^1])~~
- how to run Hydrilla
- a sample Apache (later also Nginx) config as Hydrilla is meant to ~~sit sit behind a reverse proxy~~ be run through a WSGI script proxy
- a sample WSGI script manpages for Hydrilla
- ~~manpages for
`hydrilla` and `hydrilla-builder`~~[^2_manpages] `hydrilla-builder`

This will be needed for Hydrilla 1.0. The 1.0-beta1 pre-release can be made without such thorough documentation

[^2_manpages]: [commit 1cb6aaae2055283d04aa0aa581e82addb8049ce4](/projects/hydrilla/repository/hydrilla/revisions/1cb6aaae2055283d04aa0aa581e82addb8049ce4) and [commit 363cbbb6a9fac49a377d8fa13ffede1483feabd5](/projects/hydrilla/repository/hydrilla-builder/revisions/363cbbb6a9fac49a377d8fa13ffede1483feabd5)