Hydrilla 1.1 first pre-release (version 1.1-beta1)

Added by koszko about 1 year ago

This pre-release features:

  • fixed support for Python 3.7
  • support for version 2.x of Hydrilla JSON schemas
  • support for specifying resource/mapping permissions for use of eval() and for bypassing of CORS rules
  • support for specifying Haketilo version range compatible with given resource/mapping

Provided are:

  • source tarballs of hydrilla-builder and hydrilla packages
  • Python wheels of hydrilla-builder and hydrilla
  • Signify signatures
  • PGP signatures

You can download these from the Releases page.

There has also been a change to the Hydrilla APT repository address. The correct sources.list line is now

deb koszko/

The APT installation instructions have been updated to reflect the change.