Haketilo&Hydrilla 3.0 first pre-release (version 3.0-beta1)

Added by koszko 11 months ago

Haketilo proxy is now ready for users to try out. Starting with this release, the proxy and Hydrilla builder and server are distributed together.

Provided on the Releases page are:

  • source tarball
  • standalone prebuilt release for x86-64 GNU/Linux computers
  • Python wheel
  • Signify signatures
  • PGP signatures

See the updated user manual for instructions how to set up the proxy.

Unlike with earlier Hydrilla releases, there are no APT packages available this time. They will hopefully be added somewhere in the future.

Please note

This pre-release has a bug that causes Haketilo proxy to crash upon start. This can be worked around by manually creating the directories .haketilo/store/ inside user's home directory. The issue has been fixed in the code and will not occur in subsequent releases.