Haketilo looking for developers 🔎

Last year we received a grant from the NLnet Foundation for development of Haketilo and Hydrilla. Now we are looking for programmers and UI experts willing to participate in the funded development.
Added by koszko over 1 year ago

The Memorandum of Understanding we signed with NLnet makes us eligible to receive money as we complete the tasks listed in Roadmap. Unless special circumstances arise, the tasks that are not marked "optional" should be completed first. Otherwise, task completion order does not matter.

It works like this:

  • you pick a task from the Roadmap,
  • you work on the task in cooperation with other developers,
  • when you finish, we merge your work and send a payment request to NLnet,
  • NLnet verifies the task has been completed and, finally, it sends you payment proportional to:
    • the amount of grant assigned to the task and
    • your contribution to the task (100% if you did an entire task by yourself).

The assigned amounts are mostly proportional to the estimated completion time. For example, completing task 5 by porting librecaptcha to JavaScript and making it usable from Haketilo is worth €495 (this includes a small part of preparatory work that has already been done by Wojtek).

From legal point of view, the grant is a donation that you receive directly from the NLnet.

Interested? Write to or just start participating on this issue tracker :)