Haketilo 1.0 released

Added by koszko about 1 month ago

Version 1.0 of Haketilo finally made it!

Provided on the Releases page are:

  • source tarball
  • .xpi build for Mozilla-based browsers signed by Mozilla
  • .zip build for Chromium-based browsers
  • Signify signatures
  • PGP signatures

The version of Haketilo will install without problems even on Firefox-based browsers that require all add-ons to be verified by Mozilla. To maintain control the users are nevertheless encouraged to use an ethical, freedom-respecting web browser like LibreWolf which doesn't impose such restrictions in the first place 𓀏

Haketilo 1.0 third pre-release (version 1.0-beta3)

Added by koszko about 2 months ago

A third pre-release of version 1.0 of Haketilo has been made with the following improvements.

  • Mojibake that used to occur when injecting payload to some pages has been fixed.
  • It is now once again possible to create quick payloads for file:/// URLs.
  • There have been minor changes to extension's Makefile.

Provided on the Releases page are:

  • source tarball
  • .xpi build for Mozilla-based browsers (unsigned)
  • .zip build for Chromium-based browsers
  • Signify signatures
  • PGP signatures

Haketilo looking for developers 🔎

Added by koszko 2 months ago

The Memorandum of Understanding we signed with NLnet makes us eligible to receive money as we complete the tasks listed in Roadmap. Unless special circumstances arise, the tasks that are not marked "optional" should be completed first. Otherwise, task completion order does not matter.

It works like this:

  • you pick a task from the Roadmap,
  • you work on the task in cooperation with other developers,
  • when you finish, we merge your work and send a payment request to NLnet,
  • NLnet verifies the task has been completed and, finally, it sends you payment proportional to:
    • the amount of grant assigned to the task and
    • your contribution to the task (100% if you did an entire task by yourself).

The assigned amounts are mostly proportional to the estimated completion time. For example, completing task 5 by porting librecaptcha to JavaScript and making it usable from Haketilo is worth €495 (this includes a small part of preparatory work that has already been done by Wojtek).

From legal point of view, the grant is a donation that you receive directly from the NLnet.

Interested? Write to or just start participating on this issue tracker :)

LibrePlanet 2022: Living Liberation

Added by 0gitnick 3 months ago

On Saturday, March 19, 2022; 14:30–15:15 EDT, I will give a LibrePlanet presentation about how Haketilo will help take back the Web. A short description of myself and the presentation can be found on the LibrePlanet website.

My personal goal for this talk is to bring increased attention to Haketilo and attract web developers to help us in our goal of taking back the Web with Haketilo.

Developing libre script replacements for sites

Added by koszko 7 months ago


Many of us are having hard time trying to use what "Web" has become
without running nonfree javascript. So far, most freesw movement's
efforts in this regard concentrated on blocking proprietary scripts in
the web browser. Since something more is needed to actually make the
js-encumbered sites work again, we're developing this browser
extension which facilitates replacing site-served scripts with
user-supplies ones. As you perhaps already know, it comes with a repository, Hydrilla1 that
serves the libre scripts developed by myself and contributors.

The tools, although not perfect, are already functional, with
100% free/libre fixes contributed for:

  • browsing of Google Drive folders
  • viewing of Google sheets
  • signing of SumOfUs petitions
  • viewing of videos on Odysee
  • and more...2

I honestly think this is cool but in order to be able to deliver more
site fixes and speed up work in general we could do with some additional
funds. Since freedom-wanting folks might be obviously interested in this thing, I
decided to offer you the following:

Writing of Haketilo-compatible fixes for sites you
request, for a pay.

How much it would cost to have one site fixed will obviously depend on
how complex it is. Just send a link to the website you're interested in (either on this tracker or in email to for its difficulty to get rated.

Besides, it'd be great to hear some feedback from the freesw
community. If you already tried out Haketilo, you can also share
what you did or did not like.

Wojtek Kosior


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