Compatibility with other extensions

While it is not known to be a common problem, Haketilo may interfere with or experience interference from other extensions- especially other content blockers. Extensions where information on this is available are documented here.


Haketilo can be used alongside LibreJS on pages where payloads will not be injected if its default policy is set to allow pages' own scripts; otherwise LibreJS' filtering will be overridden. All configuration of script-blocking in such a setup, including whitelisting and blacklisting, should be done through LibreJS only.

Pages with payloads will have all scripts blocked anyway, as is the expected behavior for Haketilo.


NoScript is expected to be mostly safe for use with Haketilo; however, on Mozilla Firefox and its derivatives, enabling NoScript's script blocking capabilities will prevent payload injection. Further testing is required to confirm no other issues exist.

LibreJS/USPS compatibility and other site fixes shipped with IceCat

These will conflict if a corresponding payload is installed in Haketilo. We advise disabling them; work is currently ongoing to port these to Haketilo.

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