Known limitations

We list surprising, non-obvious issues and possible privacy shortcomings in version 0.1 of Haketilo.

  • The default repository is not included.
  • Haketilo currently uses short-lived cookies to smuggle settings to its content scripts. Although partially worked around using outgoing response filtering and unlikely to happen in practice, cookies might leak and a website owner could use them to learn that a user's browser has Haketilo running in it. We are investigating possible solutions.
  • Currently, user scripts can only be injected to HTML pages.
  • Currently, user scripts under Mozilla-based browsers may fail to run on pages loaded from file:// schema.
  • On some (Mozilla-based) browsers Haketilo might disrupt XML preview.
  • Haketilo doesn't have additional features one could expect from a content blocker:
    • There is currently no option to disable Service Workers while allowing normal scripts to execute.
    • There is currently no option to disable loading of external/third-party fonts, tracking pixels, or other strategies that are used by Google and similar companies for snooping on internet users.
  • There is currently no facility to anonymize queries Haketilo makes to its script repositories. This means a bad admin of a Hydrilla instance could see the sites for which a Haketilo user tried to find custom scripts.
  • Haketilo is still missing:
    • UI Translations
    • Accessiblity features
    • Mobile support
  • Pages that were open during Haketilo's installation/enabling might break in weird ways (under Mozilla browsers) and Haketilo will not function there properly (all browsers). Reloading each browser tab is the simplest solution to this issue.
  • There are almost certainly other bugs.

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