NLNet application for UOI Call August 2021- Budget Details

First edition of this document:

Alternative Possible Budgets

We have an (effectively) fixed cost of approximately €3152 (estimated; see #Infrastructure Costs) for infrastructure critical to project management and development of Haketilo and Hydrilla, as well as wages of €653/month for two full-time developers.

Longer work means the ability to deliver a more featureful product.

Months allocated Budget
4 €8376
6 €10988
8 €13600
10 €16212
12 €18824
16 €24048
20 €29272

Infrastructure Costs

The following are estimates, and may vary depending on applicability of VAT and exact choices of provider, as well as changes to exact project needs.

  • Domain Name, another 2 years (€ ~26)
  • SSL Cert, 3 years (€ ~534)
  • Hosting for VCS, Project management software, website and script repo, 3 years (€ ~2592)

Developer Tasks

Project management work will also be a minor, yet important, use of time.


  • Understanding what features users most want from Haketilo
  • Writing documentation for users for Haketilo and Hydrilla
  • Determining effective methods to automatically aggregate already-available free JavaScript used on websites
  • Studying what sites should be prioritized for fixing to deliver maximum impact
  • Ensuring accessibility of Haketilo and Hydrilla for potentially underrepresented demographics
  • Distribution of Haketilo in extension stores (as long as freedom and access concerns allow)
  • Distribution of Haketilo and Hydrilla in GNU/Linux package managers
  • Setting up and moderating the Hydrilla repository
    • Developing and writing policies for packages, packagers and (if adopted) auditors


  • Design and development of Haketilo and Hydrilla (available under the GPLv3)
  • Writing developer documentation for Haketilo and Hydrilla
  • Implementing accessibility of Haketilo and Hydrilla for potentially underrepresented demographics
  • Writing and performing rigorous testing of Haketilo and Hydrilla
  • Configuring a comprehensive automatic build and publishing process for Haketilo and Hydrilla
  • Support for MV3 in Haketilo
  • Creating and porting independent fixes and enhancements for some websites
  • Security vetting on Hydrilla

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