From 06/23/2021 to 07/22/2021


02:18 PM Feature #62 (New): Make it possible to reload scriptbase while running
02:15 PM Feature #55: [Roadmap 2][Milestone] Write documentation for Hydrilla
This is the apache2 config I am using right now:
<VirtualHost *:80>
12:15 PM Feature #55 (Closed): [Roadmap 2][Milestone] Write documentation for Hydrilla
We need to document current workings, as well as planned future mechanisms of Hydrilla. The best place for this is go... koszko
12:30 PM Feature #61 (Rejected): Make it possible to block requests from certain IP addresses
Typical scenario for running Hydrilla would be through Apache/Nginx running as a reverse proxy on the same host. Thus... koszko
12:26 PM Feature #60 (Closed): Parameterize operation of Hydrilla
Right now Hydrilla only processes its first command line argument and uses it as a directory to load resources from. ... koszko
12:24 PM Feature #59 (Closed): Make existing fixes available in Hydrilla format
Some fixes are currently bundled with Hachette. We should make them accessible to Hydrilla under `/var/lib/hydrilla/c... koszko
12:22 PM Feature #58 (Closed): Make a Hydrilla .deb
This should include example Apache config file and an init script. koszko
12:19 PM Feature #57 (Closed): Optimize URL querying
We need to employ some more efficient data structures for this. Currently, all possible patterns for given URL are ch... koszko
12:17 PM Feature #56 (Closed): Write some automated tests
While we can't do so easily in case of Hachette, we can in case of Hydrilla. Using valgrind in the tests seems like a... koszko

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