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prepare some website fixes usable with this extension

Added by koszko 11 months ago. Updated 10 months ago.

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Hachette's goal (not the only one) is to enable fixing of nonfree-js-encumbered sites and sharing the fixes. However, right now there is only one, rather poor fix - that for (listing of projects). To help raise interest in our project, we should come up with some more fixes and maybe even enhancements.

For the beginning, it makes sense to choose and fix some simple sites. We'll handle complex stuff like reCaptcha and Stripe later on. It makes sense to collect existing fixes (currently residing in their own separate extensions), as well as to translate code from existing, standalone web-scraping programs (youtube-dl, weboob) to js and distribute it all as fixes compatible with this extension.

Please note that this is rather easy tasks and for now, skilled developers should better contribute to the extension itself (and later to the platform for sharing changes).



Updated by jahoti 11 months ago

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Patch pushed to git (awaiting acceptance/rejection from master branch) changes the defaults to include a few tested fixes alongside the opencores one. While these are likely to change, it's hopefully a start.


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IMO, there's enough fixes available now to consider this complete.

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