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This is the documentation of Haketilo, a tool that facilitates viewing of websites while having their original JavaScript replaced by user-provided scripts. Haketilo combines the functionalities of content blocker and user script manager. It can be used with its script repository, Hydrilla 🌿.

One of Haketilo's aims is to address the issues raised in "The JavaScript trap". It is being developed with hope that it will make more user-controlled "Web" browsing possible.

Haketilo exists as an HTTP proxy and a browser extension. The latest release of Haketilo proxy is version 3.0-beta1. It incorporates the popular mitmproxy tool and should work with any web browser that supports HTTPs proxies.

Haketilo browser extension is currently in maintenance mode and is not going to have new features added. Its latest release is version 2.0.1. WebExtension platforms supported by this version are Mozilla-based browsers (Firefox/IceCat 60 and newer) and (Ungoogled) Chromium (versions 90 and newer; older might also work but are untested).

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