This page lists releases of Haketilo proxy and Hydrilla which, starting with version 3, are distributed together. If you are interested in Haketilo browser extension (now in maintenance mode), take a look at its own downloads page. If you are interested in Hydrilla releases prior to version 3, see this page.

Public keys for verification of signatures are the ones from

PGP key fingerprint: E972 7060 E3C5 637C 8A4F 4B42 4BC5 221C 5A79 FD1A
Signify public key: RWQSf2wUdpjAtrmt7D3t9iHrHFL/GpqXOF+NxECx8ck7swrx6tNzDkM9

You might want to read our instructions on signature verification.

Version 3.0-beta1 (pre-release version)

The binary release has been


Signify signatures

PGP signatures

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