Reporting bugs

Bug reporting is one of the best ways to help with the development of Haketilo and Hydrilla. If you noticed something does not work as it should, don't hesitate and write to us immediately. Bug reports are WANTED!

Below we describe the procedure you should follow when making a report. You may find it a bit overwhelming but it is all to make it easier for us to find and fix the bug. If you lack time, skill or knowledge to make a perfect report, you can still send us an incomplete one. This will be better than no report and we'll do what we can with it :)

Some of the following may not be relevant. E.g. switching to English locale makes no sense when the bug concerns localization itself. In such cases you can safely skip given step.

Before you send the report

  • Make sure the bug can be reproduced in the newest release of the software (you can also try the version from a master git branch if you have the skills required to build it).
  • Make sure there is nothing that interferes with the software.
    • If bug report concerns Haketilo or a site script, make sure the bug is reproducible after disabling all other extensions and restarting the browser.
  • For the time of preparing the report, switch to using the English locale so that all messages are in English.

What to include in a bug report

Please include answers to the following questions.

  • Did you follow the recommendations from the section above? If not, which point(s) did you omit?
  • What is your environment?
    • If bug is in either Haketilo, a site script or project website, what browser are you using (name + version + how you installed this browser)?
    • If bug is in Haketilo proxy or in Hydrilla, what versions of dependencies are you using and how did you install them? Also, are you using virtualenv?
    • If bug is in a site script, please also include the Haketilo version and describe how you installed it.
  • How did you install the misbehaving program? Did you install from git, from a source release tarball or from a repository, or did you use a prebuilt release made by us?
  • Which version of the buggy software did you use? If you built from git, please provide the relevant commit hash or tag. Otherwise, just the version number is sufficient.
  • What are the steps to reproduce the bug? (screeenshots are not necessary but welcome)
  • What is the expected behavior?
  • What behavior did you experience instead? (screeenshots are not necessary but welcome)
  • What error/warning messages did you see (if any)?
    • If bug is in either Haketilo, a site script or project website, include the output from the Developer Tools console1.
    • If bug is in a site script or project website, consider including the network logs exported to a HAR file2. Feel free to omit this one if either it is not relevant, network logs contain confidential information or you have trouble figuring out how to do this.
    • If bug is in Haketilo browser extension, please include additional messages from extension's background page (this is often crucial)34.
  • Does the bug manifest itself always or only on some occasions?
  • Is there anything else that could be useful for us to know?

Sending the report

There are basically 2 options.

  1. Developer Tools console can be opened with Ctrl+Shift+K in Mozilla-based browsers and Ctrl+Shift+I in Chromium-based browsers. 

  2. HAR file can be create from Developer Tools "Network" tab, opened with Ctrl+Shift+E in Mozilla-based browsers. The "Network" tab needs to be opened before loading the page. 

  3. Under modern Mozilla-based browsers, go to about:debugging#/runtime/this-firefox and click "Inspect" next to the Haketilo icon. A console with messages from the background page should show up. 

  4. Under Chromium-based browsers, go to chrome://extensions/ and toggle "Developer mode". Click Haketilo's "Details" button and under "Inspect views" click "background page". In the DevTools window that appears switch to the "Console" tab. 

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