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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
1 Haketilo Feature New Low parallelize fetching of remote scripts 07/01/2021 10:27 AM Actions
2 Haketilo Feature New Low allow specifying whether a script occurring mutiple times should be included multiple times or once 07/01/2021 10:41 AM Actions
3 Haketilo Feature New Low make it possible to provide backup urls for remote scripts 07/01/2021 10:50 AM Actions
4 Haketilo Feature New Low make it possible to cache remote scripts 07/01/2021 11:25 AM Actions
5 Haketilo Feature New Normal optimize url querying 07/01/2021 11:35 AM Actions
6 Haketilo Feature New Normal make it possible to automatically download page's served scripts and save them 07/01/2021 11:41 AM Actions
7 Haketilo Feature New Normal find some convenient way to automatically re-add intrinsic javascript 09/06/2021 11:41 AM Actions
8 Haketilo Feature New Normal add some good, sane error handling 07/02/2021 03:01 AM Actions
9 Haketilo Feature In Progress Normal make page settings easily and conveniently editable in popup 09/04/2021 12:34 PM Actions
10 Haketilo Feature New Normal show iframes settings in popup 07/06/2021 06:48 PM Actions
12 Haketilo Feature New High make script bag components re-orderable 07/01/2021 12:15 PM Actions
14 Haketilo Feature In Progress High test with more browser forks (Abrowser, newest Parabola IceWeasel, LibreWolf) 09/25/2021 03:45 AM Actions
18 Haketilo Feature New Low make it possible to inject scripts to arbitrary places in DOM 07/01/2021 12:33 PM Actions
19 Haketilo Feature New High check if prerendering has to be blocked 07/25/2021 09:29 AM Actions
20 Haketilo Feature In Progress Normal block prefetch 07/25/2021 09:27 AM Actions
21 Haketilo Feature New Low rearrange files in extension 07/01/2021 12:42 PM Actions
22 Haketilo Feature Feedback Normal supplement the build script with a makefile, also produce zipped artifacts jahoti 11/30/2021 04:48 AM Actions
24 Haketilo Feature New Normal validate data entered in settings 07/01/2021 12:48 PM Actions
27 Haketilo Feature In Progress Low make extension's all html files proper XHTML 07/19/2021 10:18 AM Actions
28 Haketilo Feature New Normal split options_main.js into several smaller files 09/06/2021 11:45 PM Actions
32 Haketilo Feature New Normal Process HTML files in data: URLs instead of just blocking them 09/11/2021 12:02 PM Actions
33 Haketilo Feature New Low Add more possibilities of page URL matching 11/27/2021 10:37 AM Actions
35 Project website Feature New High Create MVP website for the project 0gitnick 12/03/2021 12:49 AM Actions
38 Haketilo Feature New Normal Add support to also inject css files to pages 07/24/2021 12:32 AM Actions
45 Haketilo Feature New Low Add a universal wildcard for URLs 11/30/2021 04:40 AM Actions
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